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Anislam Fall 2016 // Pure Imagination

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Jeffrey Hoover, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Jeffrey Hoover

    Jeffrey Hoover Tea Time Staff Staff Member Tea Time Staff


    Greetings, Tea Time! We are hosting another Anislam this year: Pure Imagination, in honor of the late Gene Wilder. This is a song sequence from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), with which I'm sure most of you are familiar.

    The rules are very simple:
    • Animate your shot however you see fit! 2D, 3D, stop motion, Flash, pixelation, etc. Anything goes!
    • Please avoid obscene material; we want to show this to the world and be very proud of it.
    • Shots may not be extended or shortened; these all fit together like shots in a real film.
    • Your animation must match the poses and positions of the first and last frames to flow from one shot to the next.
    • Framerate, dimensions and file format must match our specifications below. Remember to animate in 23.98 fps, not 24!
    • Plan your time! If you want to turn your shot in earlier than your assigned due date, you are very welcome to. After you finish your current shot, come get another and be extra awesome! We need to get 55 shots done by the end of the semester.
    • Have fun! Feel free to experiment and have a good time on this project. You may animate your shot in any way you see fit, as long as it's animated.
    Format requirements:
    • 1920*1080 pixels (1:1 square pixels, non-anamorphic)
    • 23.98 (23.976) fps
    • Quicktime: .mov format, PNG/Animation codecs only
    Those who have signed up have been assigned a shot at random. If you like somebody else's shot more, feel free to trade, but please let me know!
    If you want to participate and have not been assigned a shot, email us at info@teatimeanimation.com Have questions? Want to trade shots? Need help? This is your place to chat.

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